Vallation (48K / 128K ZX Spectrum)

£8.99 - £14.99

VALLATION is a stunning conversion of a C64 game originally produced by Jason Kelk (TMR / Cosine) and now presented on the ZX Spectrum by Tardis Remakes. Featuring superb detailed graphics, quality soundtracks and lots of shoot 'em up action! The Psytronik release is presented with incredible artwork by renowned industry artist Oliver Frey and features a specially enhanced 128K version with new AY soundtrack, a complete extra level with 49 new screens to blast your way through. Can you escape the pirate planet?

The standard tape version of VALLATION is packaged in a single cassette case with a professionally printed full colour glossy double-sided tape inlay.

** STORY **

Your mission is to escape from the pirate planet. Move through the screens to see if you can find the way out. Mind the missiles – they cannot be destroyed! And be very careful around the enemies that will shoot at you the moment they see you. You'll have your hands full.


• 101 screens of arcade action (150 on 128K version)

• Detailed backgrounds + animated sprites

• Particle effects

• Polished presentation

• Awesome soundtracks (48K & 128K)

• Tape includes 48K & 128K versions


Idea and design of original game by Jason Kelk - aka. TMR / Cosine.

Spectrum version coded by Søren Borgquist - aka. Sokurah.

Spectrum graphics & inlay logo by Craig Stevenson - aka. Redballoon.

Additional graphics by Simon Butler.

48K Spectrum music by Johan Elebrink - aka. Brink.

128K Spectrum music by Spacefractal.

Inlay art by Oliver Frey.

Please Note: You will also receive a FREE Digital download version of this game. The download link for the full version of the game will be sent to you within 24 hours of you ordering this title.