Barnsley Badger C64 Soundtrack CD



Here we have the official Barnsley Badger soundtrack CD release produced in association with Andrew 'Merman' Fisher and Chris 'SID Effects' Whillock! The CD contains the complete soundtrack from the classic Psytronik release Barnsley Badger (including previously unreleased music from the game) along with a plethora of additional game sound tracks by Andrew.

For this CD release we have joined forces with Chris 'SID Effects' Whillock who has supplied all the recordings for the CD. Using DualSID technology Chris has produced fantastic sounding recordings of the tunes with a gorgeous wide stereo sounding effect. This sounds particularly good through headphones or when played through a surround sound system. C64 music has never sounded so good!

The CD is presented with a professionally printed full colour inlay complete with obi-strip.

CD tracklisting:-

01. Barnsley Badger - Intro
02. Barnsley Badger - Title
03. Barnsley Badger - In-Game
04. Barnsley Badger - Game Over
05. Barnsley Badger - Search (Unused)
06. Barnsley Badger - Stomp (Unused)
07. Barnsley Badger - Long Death (Unused)
08. Chaos Generator - Retrotype
09. Chaos Generator - In-Game
10. Chaos Generator - Loader (Cafe Au Lait)
11. Gridpix - Caged Bird
12. Gridpix - Bonus Bit
13. Exploding Fish - Title (Squeezebox Edit)
14. Exploding Fish - Game Over / High Score
15. Exploding Fish - In-game #1 (Hubbard & Squeak edit)
16. Exploding Fish - In-game #2 (Lost Hubbard edit)
17. Exploding Fish - Get Ready
18. Exploding Fish - Showdown
19. 8-Bit Slicks - Speednik (C64)
20. 8-Bit Slicks - Speednik (Atari 8-Bit)