Welcome to the official Psytronik Software online store!

Psytronik Software is a software label devoted to releasing new games for classic computer systems. We pride ourselves on publishing quality releases for retro computer systems presented in high quality packaging.

For those of you who are used to ordering Psytronik games from the Binary Zone RetroStore please be aware that this new store operates slightly differently. Instead of having separate products for each game (Premium+ disk, budget disk, tape etc.), all the various formats and additional items are now listed within the details of each game. To select the different format or any additional items like soundtrack CDs or posters please use the 'select option' drop-down menu included in the product details for each game.

Please read the product details carefully as some of the Collector's Edition box sets include items like soundtrack CDs and posters - so there is no need to order them separately. If you would just like to buy the music CD or poster then that option is available with some titles.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Psytronik Store today. KEEP IT RETRO!

Kenz / Psytronik Software (January 2021)