Bee 52 (C64 Tape)



Psytronik Software in association with FREEZE 64 Magazine present the long-awaited official physical tape release of Bee 52. The game was originally going to be released by Code Masters but the release was cancelled due to their move to 16-Bit machines & consoles.

This is the fourth release in our exclusive new PSYTRONIK COLLECTION numbered tape range.

The Bee 52 C64 tape is presented with a full colour professionally printed tape inlay in a standard jewel cassette case with artwork by Trevor Storey.


Collect the honey while avoiding or blasting the critters! Once you have collected some pollen you must take it back to the hive in order to fill the honey jar. There's only one bee busy enough for this job - BEE 52!


Programming: Nick Taylor.

Music: Gerard Gourley.

Graphics: Jason Brashill.

Inlay artwork: Trevor 'Smila' Storey.

Tape loader: Martin Piper & Richard Bayliss.

Special thanks to Vinny Mainolfi / FREEZE64.

A Rave Production.

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