Good Kniight + Harharagon Dual C64 Cartridge



Psytronik Software is proud to present two brand-new C64 games from ICON64 presented on one C64 cartridge!

GOOD KNIIGHT is a retro-inspired action game in which you must negotiate over 40 screens in order to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon.

HARHARAGON is an exciting multi-screen arcade action adventure in which you must escape from a massive prison ship that is filled with deadly droids and other traps & hazards.

The Good Kniight + Harharagon Dual C64 Cartridge is presented in a glossy full colour collectors box that features artwork by Trevor Storey. The box features the Good Kniight artwork on the front and the Harharagon artwork on the back.

The package also includes a full colour user manual along with a stunning A4 glossy double-sided art print.


The great green dragon Embers has kidnapped the princess and the king is most upset with the situation. He has called upon Sir Darren of Durham, also known as the Good Kniight to set forth and rescue his daughter.

With a stomach full of marmite on crumpets and 2 cups of tea Sir Darren sets out on this grand and blummin' scary adventure.

Save the princess and become a hero!


Framed for a crime he did not commit, 64-K must spend the rest of his life in the prison ship HARHARAGON, the most secure prison ship in the galaxy. All because the Grand Galactic King was unhappy his daughter Nico had fallen for such a lowly soldier of the realm.



Games produced by ICON64.

Programming by Stuart Collier.

Design and graphics by Trevor Storey.

Music by Saul Cross

Additional cartridge development by Mike Robertson

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