Steel Ranger + Hessian C64 Clamshell USB Tape


(Game will ship in June 2024)

The classic C64 releases HESSIAN and STEEL RANGER from Lasse Öörni are now available as a dual USB cassette presented in a clamshell case. Note: The games feature a reversible inlay so you can have the artwork from your favourite game on show!

The USB features both games ready to be loaded directly into your C64mini/maxi machine, run on an emulator or transferred to real hardware if you are equipped to do so. The USB is also packed with bonus goodies including the game soundtracks, artwork, manuals, promo videos, podcasts and more!


Take the role of Kim, a low-level security guard at a Throne Group science complex, during the worst night shift of her life!

This involves the Group's inventions spiraling out of control thanks to the megalomaniacal visions of the head scientist Norman Throne, ad-hoc life-saving nanomechanical surgical procedures that grant Kim superior strength and recovery capability, but also the constant dependence on battery power, relentless combat against enemies both robotic and human, and an impending apocalypse!


• Huge map (around 700 screens) to explore!

• Super-smooth scrolling!

• Atmospheric soundtracks!

• Multiple weapons available!

• Immersive storyline!

• Assorted enemies (human and robotic)!


YEAR 2218.

As humanity is forced to expand beyond Earth, they come into contact with a hostile machine intelligence born from their own creations. By initially using military shipments thought to be lost, it has mined other planets for resources and built a vast offensive fleet. Now mankind is stranded in a desperate war, with safety nowhere to be found.

United Military patrol ship "Scourge" led by commander Archer Hess picks up an unusual transmission sent from a barren planet - Ones & Zeroes forming an Omega symbol. Though possibly a trap, the ship is cleared to investigate. Its crew is equipped with self-charging "Ranger" armour suits, designed for combat against overwhelming enemies in any environment.


• Massive smooth scrolling world to explore

• Customizable main character

• Immersive gameplay

• Upgradeable Systems & Weaponry

• Character interaction

• Superb animation

• Amazing boss battles

• Interactive soundtracks

• PAL and NTSC compatible


Coding & Design by Lasse Öörni

Graphics by Lasse Öörni

Music by Lasse Öörni

Packaging Artwork by Trevor Storey

A 2018 Covert Bitops Production

Please Note: You will also receive a FREE Digital download version of this game. The download link for the full version of the game will be sent to you within 24 hours of you ordering this title.