Hessian - The Original Game Soundtrack (Vinyl)


Here we have a superb gatefold vinyl release of the complete soundtracks from the C64 game HESSIAN The record is available on stunning clear or blue vinyl.

Produced in conjunction with CHIPTUNE RECORDS this fantastic vinyl release has been produced to the highest quality with the game soundtracks recorded directly from a real C64 in a studio setting by Max Hall.

The gatefold release features artwork specially produced for the vinyl release by Trevor Storey.



Hessian - Loader
Hessian - Main Title
Hessian - Warehouse
Hessian - Courtyard (Pink Cadillac Blood)
Hessian - Security Center
Hessian - Service Tunnels
Hessian - Rotordrone
Hessian - Laboratory
Hessian - Nanotech Upgrade
Hessian - Environment Hazard


Hessian - Caves
Hessian - Giant Spider
Hessian - Bio-Dome
Hessian - Security Chief (Rex Ist Krieg)
Hessian - Nether Tunnel
Hessian - Jormungandr
Hessian - Server Vault
Hessian - Construct
Hessian - Game Over
Hessian - Destruction
Hessian - Victory

© & ℗ 2021 Chiptune Records & Psytronik Software. Soundtracks by Lasse Öörni & Péter Nagy-Miklós. Recorded from the original .SID files through Commodore 64 6581 SID hardware by Max Hall at The Den, Sheffield, England. Artwork by Trevor Storey. Design by Tim Bisschop. Executive producers: Koen De Brabander (Chiptuen Records) & Jason ' Kenz' Mackenzie (Psytronik Software). www.chiptunerecords.com / www.psytronik.net

NOTE: When you purchase this vinyl LP you will also receive a link to a digital version of the album in high quality mp3 format. As a special bonus you will also receive a digital download for the complete HESSIAN C64 game.