Metal Warrior Quadrilogy Collectors Edition (C64)

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Psytronik Software in association with Covert Bitops proudly present the METAL WARRIOR QUADRILOGY COLLECTION. This is a massive compilation for the Commodore 64 that features the original versions of the first four complete Metal Warrior games commercially released as a deluxe box set for the first time.

NOTE: This box set does NOT contain MW Ultra - that title is available separately.

The Collector's Edition Box Set is presented in a specially produced deluxe glossy box featuring full colour artwork printed on all sides. The box set contains the following items:

• 4 x Metal Warrior Games (Presented on 3 x 5.24" floppy disks)

• A3 Hypergloss Artwork poster featuring
stunning artwork by Trevor Storey.

• Double CD Soundtrack featuring music from all 4 Metal Warrior games.

• Metal Warrior keyring

• Glossy art card

• Badge

• Stickers


Coding & Design by Lasse Öörni

Graphics by Lasse Öörni

Music by Lasse Öörni

Packaging Artwork by Trevor Storey

Additional packaging design by Kenz

Metal Warrior 3 music credits:-

Harri Ahola, Juha Jaakkola, Antti Kivilahti, Anders Pettersson, Martti Pärssinen, Teemu Riihonen, Ulrik Ronnovius, Daniel Wuis & Lasse Öörni

Metal Warrior 4 music credits:-

Harri Ahola, Lionel Gendre, Paavo Härkönen, Juha Jaakkola, Anssi Jääskeläinen, Antti Kivilahti, Bas Kooy, Juho Kotila, Dennis Mott, Daniel Wuis, Lasse Öörni

Please Note: You will also receive a FREE Digital download version of this game. The download link for the full version of the game will be sent to you within 24 hours of you ordering this title.