POLAR BEAR IN SPACE! (Black Edition C64 Cartridge)

£24.99 - £44.99


Psytronik Software are delighted to present an absolutely stunning debut release for the C64 from Unrolled Loop Studios LLC - POLAR BEAR IN SPACE! Take control of an extremely cute Polar Bear in his quest to run, jump and zap through various alien-infested levels whilst collecting krystals.

The long awaited C64 cartridge version of this game is now available to order as a limited BLACK EDITION collector's cartridge. This version features specially produced box art designed by the author of the game Silvan Reinhold.

The game has been specially enhanced for the cartridge release and features various gameplay improvements along with a hi-score saver that stores your hi-scores directly onto the cartridge.

Gameplay enhancements include:-

A new BEARABLE gameplay mode:-

• Terminal timers count down from 60 seconds
• No more mine frenzies when the terminal countdown runs out
• Enemies inflict less damage
• Ruinous Rays inflict less damage
• Energy depletes at half the usual speed in caverns with generators

Improved game mechanics:-

Regardless of whether the game is in regular or bearable mode:

• Polar Bear starts with a full jetpack, allowing him to fly right away
• Polar Bear now starts to fly when pressing UP, rather than requiring to also be running at the same time
• Polar Bear can now fly closer to the ground before being forced to land; this also prevents him from falling into water too easily
• Certain enemies now require fewer hits
• The probability of finding an energy power-up is slightly increased

Level modifications:-

• Modifications to individual caverns make completing these levels a bit easier.
• Some enemies were moved or removed, krystals moved, and platforms modified to give Polar Bear more room.

The C64 cartridge is presented in a specially produced deluxe glossy box featuring full colour artwork printed on all sides. The box set contains the following items:

• POLAR BEAR IN SPACE! (Presented on a black C64 cartridge)

• A3 Artwork poster featuring stunning artwork by Trevor Storey

• CD Soundtrack featuring the full C64 soundtrack + bonus tracks by Jon Wells

• POLAR BEAR IN SPACE! custom-shaped sprite keyring

• Deluxe A4 double-sided art print featuring artwork by Trevor Storey & Robin Levy

• Glossy instruction booklet

• Glossy art card

• Badge

• Sticker

A Basic Box Set Edition is also available which contains the glossy presentation box, the game on cartridge and a full colour glossy user manual.

*** STORY: ***

Polar Bear is stranded in space! Having found a nearby alien space station on his quest for home, he must now locate the secret underground transporter and collect the 99 krystals needed to operate it. Only then can he escape! Artful aliens, onerous obstacles, and tenacious terminals stand in his way. Will you and his trusted companion Snowball be able to turn the odds in his favor?

*** FEATURES: ***

· Super-slick presentation

· Incredibly cute main character

· Combined platforming and space shooting action

· Superb soundtracks

· Support for keyboard and two/three-button (POTX/POTY) controllers

· TheC64 Mini/Maxi compatible

NOTE: This game is suitable for PAL systems only.

*** CREDITS: ***

Programmed by Silvan Reinhold

Graphics and Game Design by Silvan Reinhold

Gaming Consultant Dina Smith

Music by Jon Wells

Presentation bitmap by Robin Levy

Packaging Artwork by Trevor Storey

Additional Packaging Design by Jason ‘Kenz’ Mackenzie

Tape Mastering by Richard Bayliss & Martin Piper

Released in 2023 by www.psytronik.net

Please Note: You will also receive a FREE Digital download version of the game when you order a physical edition. The download link for the full version of the game will be sent to you within 24 hours of you ordering this title.