Soulless I + II - The Original Game Soundtrack [Double Vinyl]


Here we have a stunning gatefold vinyl release of the complete soundtracks from Soulless & Soulless 2 - The Armour Of Gods! The two vinyl records are presented on stunning coloured vinyl - with Sides A & B on clear red vinyl and sides C & D on clear blue vinyl.

Produced in conjunction with CHIPTUNE RECORDS this fantastic vinyl release has been produced to the highest quality with the game soundtracks recorded directly from a real C64 in a studio setting by Max Hall.

The gatefold release features artwork specially produced for the vinyl release by Trevor Storey.



Soulless - Intro
Soulless - Title
Soulless - In-Game
Soulless - Ending
Soulless - Game Over
Soulless - Tape Loader (Unused)
Soulless - Tape Loader


Soulless II - Loading
Soulless II - Intro
Soulless II - Title
Soulless II - Forest Loader
Soulless II - The Forest


Soulless II - Temple Loader
Soulless II - The Temple
Soulless II - Caverns Loader
Soulless II - The Caverns
Soulless II - Kalens Loader


Soulless II - Kalens Domain
Soulless II - Kalen Arrives
Soulless II - The Final Battle
Soulless II - Ending
Soulless II - Game Over Jingle
Soulless II - Level Complete Jingle
Soulless II - The Armour Awakens
Soulless II - Psytronik Loader

SIDE A: All songs by Mikkel Hastrup, except 'Soulless - Tape Loader' by Richard Bayliss. SIDE B, C & D: All songs by Saul Cross

© & ℗ 2021 Chiptune Records & Psytronik Software. Soundtracks by Mikkel Hastrup, Saul Cross & Richard Bayliss. Recorded from the original .SID files through Commodore 64 6581 & 8580 SID hardware by Max Hall at The Den, Sheffield, England. Artwork by Trevor Storey. Design by Tim Bisschop. Executive producers: Koen De Brabander (Chiptune Records) & Jason ' Kenz' Mackenzie (Psytronik Software). /

NOTE: When you purchase this vinyl LP you will also receive a link to a digital version of the album in high quality mp3 format. As a special bonus you will also receive a digital download for the complete SOULLESS COLLECTION of C64 games.