Space Trip 2086 (C64)



Psytronik Software presents SPACE TRIP 2086, an Achim Volkers & Saul Cross production for the C64! Infiltrate captured transport ships that have been taken over by aliens! Use the computers to take control of the ships systems, but watch out for the rampaging robots!

The Premium Plus disk version is presented in a clear plastic case featuring professionally printed double-sided full colour artwork. The floppy disk is presented in a glossy disk sleeve with full colour vinyl disk label.

The budget disk version is presented in a full colour disk sleeve with a glossy vinyl disk label. This version includes a printed instruction card.

The standard tape version is presented in a clear plastic single cassette case featuring a glossy full colour professionally printed inlay.


You are Captain Steve Zappa. Transport ships were captured by unknown aliens. Your mission is to eliminate all aliens and get the ships under control again. Good luck!


• Explore ships using elevator systems!

• Hack ship systems using credit cards!

• Charge your laser to blast those droids!

• Gorgeous Braybrook-esque bas-relief graphics!

• Includes bonus shoot 'em up game SPACE TRIP 2085!

• Disk also includes music demo, doc file + more!


Coding by Achim Volkers

Music and GFX by Saul Cross

Inlay art by Saul Cross

Packaging by Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie

Beta playtesting by James Monkman & Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie

Please Note: You will also receive a FREE Digital download version of this game. The download link for the full version of the game will be sent to you within 24 hours of you ordering this title.