The Last Amazon Trilogy C64 Soundtrack CD


Here we have the official Last Amazon Trilogy soundtrack CD release produced in association with Chris 'SID Effects' Whillock!

The CD contains the complete soundtrack from the classic Psytronik release The Last Amazon Trilogy (including unused music from the games). The CD contains high quality recordings of the original C64 soundtracks created for the trilogy of games by Richard Bayliss, Gareth Dolloway (Tonka) and Warren Pilkington (Waz).

As a special bonus the CD also includes the complete soundtrack from the game Last Amazon Tales by Richard Bayliss.

For this CD release we have once again joined forces with Chris 'SID Effects' Whillock who has supplied all the recordings for the CD. Using DualSID technology Chris has produced fantastic sounding recordings of the tunes with a gorgeous wide stereo sounding effect. This sounds particularly good through headphones or when played through a surround sound system. C64 music has never sounded so good!

CD Tracklisting:-

1. The Last Amazon - Intro Loader (Richard Bayliss).
2. The Last Amazon - Intro (Gareth Dolloway).
3. The Last Amazon - Game Loader (Richard Bayliss).
4. The Last Amazon - Game Title (Richard Bayliss).
5. Last Amazon 2 - Game Loader (Richard Bayliss).
6. Last Amazon 2 - Game Title (Richard Bayliss).
7. Last Amazon 2 - In-Game (Richard Bayliss).
8. Last Amazon (Special Edition) - Game Loader (Richard Bayliss).
9. Last Amazon (Special Edition) - Game Title (Warren Pilkington).
10. Last Amazon (Special Edition) - In-Game (Warren Pilkington).
11. The Last Amazon - Unused Tune (Warren Pilkington).
12. The Last Amazon - Unused tune (Richard Bayliss).
13. Last Amazon Trilogy - Disk Menu (Richard Bayliss).
14. Amazon Tales - Game Loader (Richard Bayliss).
15. Amazon Tales - Title (Richard Bayliss).
16. Amazon Tales - Get Ready (Richard Bayliss).
17. Amazon Tales - In-Game (Richard Bayliss).
18. Amazon Tales - In-Game Drums (Richard Bayliss).
19. Amazon Tales - Hi-Score (Richard Bayliss).
20. Amazon Tales - Jingles (Richard Bayliss).