The Lord Of Dragonspire (C64)

£9.99 - £24.99


Psytronik Software in association with ICON 64 present THE LORD OF DRAGONSPIRE, an exciting quest for the Commodore 64. Your aim is to find the entrance to Dragonspire. Work your way up the spire then locate and destroy the Demon Lord.

The Collector's Edition Box Set is presented in a specially produced deluxe glossy box featuring full colour artwork printed on all sides. The box set contains the following items:

• The Lord of Dragonspire game on 5.25" floppy disk.

• Instruction booklet.

• Glossy art card.

• Badge.

• Stickers.

• Keyring.

• Glossy A3 double-sided artwork / map poster.

The Premium+ Disk version is presented in a clear plastic case featuring professionally printed double-sided full colour artwork. The floppy disk is presented in a glossy disk sleeve with full colour vinyl disk label. This version includes a printed user manual.

The budget disk version is presented in a full colour disk sleeve with a glossy vinyl disk label. This version also includes a printed instruction booklet.

The standard tape version features full colour on-body printing. The game is presented in a clear plastic single cassette case featuring a glossy full colour professionally printed inlay.

The LIMITED CLAMSHELL TAPE version features full colour on-body printing. The tape is presented in glossy clamshell packaging with a glossy full colour professionally printed inlay. Please note that only 50 copies of this special LIMITED EDITION tape version are available.

** STORY **

With the death of his young wife to influenza Oliver Taylor has spent several years since searching, looking for a way to bring his beloved Madalin back from the dead. Studying ancient manuscripts and scrolls for answers, seeking out anyone that can help him. Just as all looked lost the great book of the dead, the tome of ancient spells and dark arts finds its way into his hands.

The Necronomicon, bound in human skin and written in the blood of a thousand dead. With its knowledge of re-animation studied Oliver heads to the place of re-incarnation, the one place on the one night of the year his wish could possibly come true to bring his wife back from the other side.


• Huge map to explore

• Detailed character sprites & portraits

• Stunning 10 minute Rob Hubbard inspired soundtrack by Jason Page

• End sequence

• Bonus animated music demo

• SD2IEC compatible

• PAL and NTSC compatible

• C64 Mini + Maxi compatible


Programmed by Stuart Collier.

Cover Art, Graphics and Game Design by Trevor Storey.

Music by Jason Page.

Tape master by Richard Bayliss & Martin Piper.

Additional packaging design by Kenz.

Please Note: You will also receive a FREE Digital download version of this game. The download link for the full version of the game will be sent to you within 24 hours of you ordering this title.