The Lord Of Dragonspire vs Kentilla (12" Limited Vinyl)


This fantastic 12" vinyl release features the epic C64 theme by Jason Page from The Lord Of Dragonspire on one side and the timeless classic Kentilla theme from Rob Hubbard on the other.

Both tracks have been specially recorded for this vinyl release by Jason Page, who also composed soundtracks for Paradroid 90 & Gran Turismo etc.



The Lord Of Dragonspire - Title (Jason Page)


Kentilla - Main Theme (Rob Hubbard)

Note: Each copy of this vinyl release is individually numbered. Only 300 were produced in total.

'The Lord of Dragonspire' written by Jason Page. © & ℗ Jason Page. 'Kentilla' written by Rob Hubbard. © & ℗ High Technology Publishing Ltd. The Zzap! 64 name is © Retro Fusion Books. Cover art by Trevor Storey. Executive producers: Koen De Brabander (Chiptune Records) & Jason ' Kenz' Mackenzie (Psytronik Software). /